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Resources that inform providers on how to better engage the minority patients they serve

Improving health literacy in underserved communities is widely recognized as critical to reducing disparities in health and wellbeing. Solutions generally focus on creating clear information about medical conditions and treatment options as well as how the health care and insurance systems operate. However, these efforts are unlikely to succeed if providers lack a deeper understanding of the Black, Hispanic/Latino, Asian/Pacific Islander and Native American, populations they serve—one that extends beyond recognizing the genetic risks specific to each community. As the primary channel for conveying information, it is crucial for clinicians to consider an individual patient’s socially- and culturally-driven healthcare needs, challenges, and perspectives.

The Make Well Known Foundation is developing a library of practical, useful educational resources for clinicians based on the findings from our work in identifying unmet needs and furthering critical research. Our goal is to give providers across the country the contextual background they need to have more regular, informed, and empathetic interactions and conversations with underserved patients. This approach aims to increase patient engagement and improve outcomes, contributing to the elimination of health equity obstacles, one patient at a time.


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