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Furthering Critical Research

Deeper data investigations into minority-specific genetic risks at both the group and sub-group level

Medical research exploring genetic risks among minority patients tends to examine broad ethnic or racial groups. This is a critical area of investigation, as it helps to uncover differences that may be found in Black, Hispanic/Latino, Asian/Pacific Islander and Native American, communities relative to each other and to the White population. It can, however, often overlook nuances that might exist at the sub-group level, such as between Hispanic/Latinos of Cuban, Puerto Rican, Dominican, Mexican, or Central/South American origins. This precision is crucial, as clinicians require this information to make screening, prevention, and treatment recommendations tailored for each individual patient.

The Make Well Known Foundation is dedicated to advancing research at both levels—supporting new studies where high-level datasets on underserved populations are lacking and utilizing existing information to derive new insights about sub-groups of interest. In addition to ensuring our findings reach a wide audience through peer-reviewed publications, they are being incorporated into our efforts to build educational tools and pilot community initiatives.

Featured program

Ancillary SOL Study

Exploring CVD risk in Hispanic/Latino sub-populations.

Impact: SOL Study


HCHS/SOL Participants evaluated as a subset


Subgroups analyzed for median Lp(a) levels


Magnitude of difference in Lp(a) levels between some ancestry groups


Peer-reviewed article published in JAMA


Follow-up study on Lp(a) and ASCVD events planned