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Identifying Unmet Needs

Conversations with communities that explore socially- and culturally-based experiences and expectations

An increasing body of national data is confirming the significant impact of social and cultural influences on the overall health and wellness of underserved populations. But to effectively address these challenges, much work remains. It is imperative that we gain a better understanding of these health determinants from the perspective of the groups they affect. We must listen to their voices—and hear in their own words—the “how” and “why” behind these inequities.

The Make Well Known Foundation is actively conducting a regular series of surveys, interviews, and focus groups with Black, Hispanic/Latino, Asian/Pacific Islander, and Native American populations as well as specific subgroups within them, such as women and LGBTQ+ communities. Through these endeavors, we aim to explore their attitudes and behaviors towards health and wellbeing and how these shape their experiences with and expectations of healthcare providers and the healthcare system as a whole. The unmet needs identified through these conversations are guiding our work in building educational tools and piloting community initiatives, and are being disseminated through peer-reviewed publications to reach an even broader audience.


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