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Master Class on Dyslipidemia

This project is a collaboration of research and activities that consider and highlight how culture and ethnicity should be reflected when designing strategies, interventions or other activities, in order to better serve underrepresented populations and reduce cardiovascular disease disparities.  

The NMH Alliance has prepared and launched an effective training program, or
Master Class, to support clinician communication about dyslipidemia with minority patients.


Goals of this program include:

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View entire program below (33 minutes)

  • Understanding barriers to treatment of dyslipidemia for minority patients, both from the provider and patient perspective

  • Assessing barriers in communicating about the condition and need for treatment

  • Understanding tactics and tools that might support stronger, more effective communication

  • Developing and launching a training program to provide the information and strategies required to optimize communication with minority patients to support treatment of dyslipidemia


Alternatively, we have provided each section broken out for your convenience: 

Your feedback will help us understand the effectiveness of our projects and how we can make improvements in the future.  

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