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The NMH Alliance is pleased to share our vignettes that highlight current members’ work and further illustrate the mission and purpose of the group.

There is much more critical work needed to address the disparities in cardiovascular health. Click below to hear directly from NMH Alliance thought-leaders why addressing cardiovascular disease disparities is an urgent issue and how you can help. For more information, contact


White Papers

The NMH Alliance is excited to introduce our first white paper centered around the development of the Alliance, priorities, and current work. 


The NMH Alliance publishes a semi-quarterly newsletter to highlight the work of the Alliance and it's steering committee, summarize shared perspectives and goals, share industry and clinical news relating to the Alliance’s priorities, and provide an overview and ongoing updates on the work of the Alliance.
Recent editions are below:

  • Twitter

Twitter Chats

The NMH Alliance hosts Twitter Chats via our handle @NMHAlliance.
Using the hashtags 
#NMCchat (after our previous name of National Minority Cardiovascular Alliance), each chat is designed around various topics in minority health.

Can I serve as a co-host?
Yes! Email us at and share your idea for a chat. 

What are the topics for Twitter Chats?
The Alliance is open to conversations about key topics in minority and cardiovascular health. Our past chats include The Cardiovascular Patient Experience, and Patient-Provider Communication About High Cholesterol. 

How can I view past Twitter Chats?
Follow us on Twitter via our handle @NMHAlliance! 
All chats are also archived on our Wakelet Page.

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